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Ridge Cabinet in Maryland

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Silhouettes - Wood Lawn Ornaments for the Yard

Shadow Cutout Silhouettes

Practical Uses around Ponds, Farms, and Gardens



PONDS: Municipal Ponds / Golf Course Ponds / Private Ponds / Open Fields

Strategically placed silhouette shadow cut outs around ponds are becoming more popular as a natural means to deter unwanted geese from nesting on ponds and open fields. Canada geese are protected under both the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In order to deter them from nesting on your property you are limited to non-lethal tactics, which do not harm the geese. One non-lethal, yet very affordable, approached which has been proven to work includes silhouette shadow cut-outs. Just place shadow cut-outs around the perimeter of the pond. This simple approach works like a scarecrow in a corn field.

Suitable ponds include those located on a farm, backyard, golf course, city park or community park, hotel, conference center, apartment or condominium complex, business complex, and more. KOI ponds are also great places for silhouette cut-outs. A cut-out can go a long way in protecting your pond from predators and it doesn't even have to be directly next to the pond. Strategically place the cut out in an area of proximity to the pond that you are sure will be seen by the heron or other predator while it is scouting out your pond.

Wood Crafts Building 1

Huge Selection of Handcrafted / Handmade Wood Silhouettes In Stock

Haunted House Silhouette and Black Bat for Halloween

This Haunted House Silhouette (62" x 48") would be a great yard decoration for Halloween.

We also have black bats (8" x 16") and black cats (see below).

For other holiday silhouette lawn ornaments, visit our Holiday Lawn Ornaments page.

Enchanted Village Silhouettes

New designs are continuously being crafted.

If you don't see what you are looking for on this page, give us a call and we will check to see if it is available.

Silhouette Chart

silhouettes man fishing, woman watering garden, skunk, bunnies, bats, stars, cow silouette lawn ornaments bat bunny rabbit wood yard silhouette boy girl kissing, girl boy running, dogs, bunny, rabbit, turtle yard silhouettes black, race horse, turtle, man buggy surrey black silhouettes wood, golfing man, woman golf, baseball player, buffalo silhouettes, grandma, grandpa, horse buggy, deer, donkey silhouette of dogs, cow, easter rabbit, a man fishing, girl, boy, black bat, halloween silhouettes, girl and boy with basket, dogs, grandma and grandpa Cats - Silhouettes - Walking Cat - Scared Cat



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