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Silhouettes - Wood Lawn Ornaments for the Yard

Huge Selection of Wood Silhouette Lawn Ornaments Available

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Hand Crafted Wood Silhouettes Lawn Ornaments

We have a huge selection of handcrafted wood silhouette lawn ornaments available.

Dimensions are given in inches (Height x Width). Silhouettes are made of 1/2" plywood and painted on both sides with exterior flat black paint. Ground stakes are included. New designs are continuously being crafted.

Note: Styles, availability and prices subject to change without notice.
As new styles are released, some previous styles or features may be limited in supply or are no longer available.

Shadow Cutout Silhouettes: Practical Uses around Ponds, Farms, and Gardens


Wood Silhouettes

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Product ID Motorcycle
Motorcycle (2018)

Price: $70.00
Product ID RacingHorse
Racing Horse (2018)

Racing Horse Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 23" x 43"

Price: $60.00
Product ID RockingGrannyGramps
Rocking Granny/Rocking Gramps (2018)
1 of 2

Rocking Granny - Rocking Gramps Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Rocking Granny Measures 49" x 36"
Rocking Gramps Measures 48" x 36"


Price: $75.00
Product ID Skunk
Skunk (2018)

Skunk Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 18" x 18"

Price: $35.00
Product ID Soldier
Soldier (2018)

Praying Soldier Silhouette, Painted Black

Measures 4' tall and 6' Long

Price: $130.00
Product ID Squirrel
Squirrel (2018)

Squirrel Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 10" x 12"

Price: $30.00
Product ID Swan
Swan (2018)

Price: $30.00
Product ID Turkey
Turkey (2018)

Turkey Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 36" x 26"

Price: $55.00
Product ID Turtle
Turtle (2018)

Turtle Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 8" x 12"

Price: $25.00
Product ID WateringLady
Watering Lady (2018)
1 of 2

Watering Lady Painted Black Wood Lawn Silhouettes

Measures 60" x 34"


Price: $85.00
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