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Ridge Cabinet in Maryland

410-875-2211     1-800-974-0730
~~~ NOTICE: Ridge Cabinet is closing the business. We do have items in stock still for sale.


Ridge Cabinet Company

4636 Ridge Rd
Mt. Airy, MD 21771

410-875-2211 or 800-924-0730

Our hours of operation are:
9 to 5 Monday through Friday
9 to 4 on Saturday

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Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 2-4 business days
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NOTE: Before requesting a quote on an item, go to our product pages (see menu at top for different products we carry) and select a type of product. Once you find an item similar to the one you want, copy the name of the item as shown in red next to the small image on the left. Then specify the size you would like and other options.

YOUR QUOTE will be based on the item as shown in the small image on the left of the description from our product pages. If you would like us to deliver the item, required a different size, or would like options / features added or removed, we will adjust the quote according to the information you provide below.

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