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Ridge Cabinet in Maryland

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Other Handcrafted Wood and Metal Products

We offer a variety of unique, handcrafted wood and metal products such as Mailboxes, Mail Box Plaques, Mail Box Posts, Silhouettes, Wood Storage Benches, Weather Vanes / Cupolas, and Whiskey Barrels. If you are looking for something special for you or a gift, stop by our outdoor showroom and browse through our collections.

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Mail Box Posts

Handcrafted Wood Mailbox Posts in a Variety of Styles

Mail Boxes - Plaques

Mail Boxes & Metal Name Address Plaques. Variety of sizes, shapes, and styles available.


Wood Silhouettes - Amazing Selection of Styles Available

Storage Benches Wood

Storage Benches Wood. Indodor or Outdoor. Adult and Child Size. Hidden Storage Areas.

Weather Vanes / Cupolas

Cupolas / Weather Vanes. Many different styles available.

Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey Barrels available in full or half sizes, finished and unfinished. Make great planters, tables, yard ponds, and more.


Best Sellers


Portable Buildings

Lawn Furniture

Entertain and Relax

Childrens Play Sets

Swings, Playsets, Playhouses, Clubhouses, Arks, Ships, Forts, Play Equipment

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