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Flower Boxes, Benches, Planters

Flower Box Planters and Benches for your
Backyard, Garden Seating, Deck, Porch, and Patio

We offer a variety of flower boxes, wood planters, benches, and trellis combinations . . .
perfect for your backyard, garden, deck, porch, and patio.

Note: prices, styles, and availability are subject to change without notice.
As new styles are released, some previous styles or features may be limited in supply or are no longer available.

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Product ID HalfWhiskeyBarrel
Half Whiskey Barrel (2018)
1 of 4

Half Whiskey Barrels, Planters, Ponds

Measures 26" diameter x 17 1/2" tall

Price: $65.00
Product ID PeddlerCart
Peddler Cart (2018)

Peddler Car

Bed Measures 18" x 48" with 28" wheels

Price: $285.00
Product ID planterfowerbenchcombo
Planter Flower Bench Combo (2018)
1 of 2

Flower Planter Bench Combination 

Planter Flower boxes measures 18" x 18" x 18" high

Bench is 4' long, total length is 84"

Made from poly lumber

Price: $570.00
Product ID Wagons
Wagons (2018)
1 of 4

Miniature Hitch, Buckboard and Pumpkin Wagons

Small Hitch Wagon bed measures 15" x 29", with 12" and 14" wheels

Large Hitch Wagon bed measures 22" x 48" with 24" and 28" wheels

Buckboard Wagon bed measures 22" x 47" with 18" and 20" wheels

Pumpkin Wagon bed measures 18" x 36" with 18" and 20" wheels


Price: $385.00
Product ID Wheelbarrow
Wheelbarrow (2018)


Bed Size measurements  21" x 31" wiith 18" wheel

Price: $175.00


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