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Children's Vinyl Playhouses, Clubhouses, and Cabins

Vinyl Playhouses

Image the delight on your child's face when they get their first playhouse. Our children's vinyl playhouses and cabins are perfect for play groups, best friends, sleep overs, tea parties, clubhouses, daycare centers, basements, backyards, porches, decks, and playrooms.

Give your child a place they can call their own!


FOR RAISED PLAYHOUSES, check out our Wood Play Sets and Vinyl Play Sets. Many are available with optional playhouses, cabins, and forts.

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All children's playhouses are available in wood painted Duratemp or Vinyl siding.

Note: Playhouse styles, availability, and prices are subject to change without notice.
As new styles are released, some previous styles or features may be
limited in supply limited in supply or are no longer available.

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Product ID AFramePlayhouse
A-Frame Vinyl Playhouse with Porch (2019)

Price: $2,525.00
Product ID Colors
Colors (2019)

Price: Call to Order
Product ID DutchClubhouse
Dutch Clubhouse Vinyl(2019)

Price: $2,750.00
Product ID ElitewithPorch
Elite Playhouse with Porch (2019)

Price: $2,620.00
Product ID VictorianPlayhouse
Victorian Playhouse (2019)
1 of 2

Price: $1,540.00


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