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Bird Houses / Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders    

Double Bluebird House

Pole Separate for Additional Cost

Flower Pot Tree with Bird Feeder Top - $169.95

Bird Feeders and Bird House Prices:
---- from Pressure Treated Wood prices range from $24.95 to $399.95
---- in Poly Lumber prices range from $14.95 to $109.95

Planters and Post for Bird Feeders/Bird Houses
---- from Pressure Treated wood start at $49.95
---- from Poly Lumber start at $69.95

Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

Many styles and sizes to choose from. Call or Stop By for Specific Prices.

Wren Houses

Wren Birdhouses $39.00

Captain Birdhouse, Moose Birdhouse,  Bluebird Houses

Speciality Birdhouses:
Moose Birdhouse, Bluebird Birdhouse, Captain Birdhouse

We offer a variety of special handcrafted wood bird houses, like our bluebird house, the captain's birdhouse,
and a moose birdhouse. For other available styles, give us call.


Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop

Backyard Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops
4 x 6       $895.00
4 x 8       $1145.00

standard features include:
*5 nesting boxes
*18" x 27" window
*chicken door
*8" x 12" vents
*entry door

This modern day chicken barn comes in a variety of styles, sizes and options. Quality built chicken coops available in Wood or Vinyl siding.

Chicken Coop, Chicken Barn, Backyard Chicken House, Chicken Shed, Hen Coop, Easy to Clean, Easy to Access.

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

2 Tier interior nesting boxes can be added
to the inside of any building.

8 nest 4’ long $210.00
12 nest 6’ long $270.00

Chicken Coop Back Door
Back door of chicken coop lifts up for easy access to the nesting boxes.

Board & Batton Chicken Coop & Run

Chicken Coop with Run and 2 Nesting Boxes   Chicken Coop with Run and 2 Nesting Boxes Back View
3 foot x 4 foot Lean To Style Chicken Coop (front and back views shown above) with 3 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft run, has a hinged roof for easy access to clean, architectural shingled roof, 1-12” x 13” window in front, chicken door with ramp, small 24” x 33” access door in run, 2 nesting boxes. $645.00 Retail Price.

Board and Batton / Portable A-Frame Style Chicken Coops on Wheels

Chicken Coop Chicken Coop with Run
Chicken Coop Chicken Coop with Run
Chicken Coop



Board & Batton Chicken Coops   


Portable A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
with run and wheels  




Specialty Chicken Coop

This specialty chicken coop is a 6’ x 8’ 7’ sidewall cottage conformed into a chicken house. This building has 2-24” x 27” slider windows with picture frame trim, 40” walk in door on the end and a chicken door on the side under the windows, a pair of gable end vents. It is painted Light Gray with White trim and Dark Green Shingles. (This picture shows a netting on the roof to hold the shingles down during delivery of the building.)

Specialty Chicken Coop Door Open Inside View Chicken Coop


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Note: Models, styles, availability and prices subject to change without notice.
As new models / styles are released, some previous items or features may be limited in supply or are no longer available.

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